Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wolfhounds and Deerhounds

I just had a member of the Cambridge Writers group send me a URL. for Wolfhounds. I went there and the dogs are glorious. They have so much information on the site, I will go back many times. My Zoah, in Saratoga Winter 1865, is an Irish Wolfhound, and, for a big dog, is adorable. I really feel that she is a character in the book and have had several people tell me she steals the scene--which, in a way, is not good, but I guess I'll correct it in the later revisions. Right now, I just love the way I have her--large, gentle but protective if she feels it necessary to be that way.

I used a Scottish Deerhound in Clan Gunn: Gerek. Dubh was a definite character and I found my other characters relying on him a great deal. He had personality and I've had reviewers tell me how much they loved him. I did, too.

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