Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Too busy to breathe

I'm just trying to keep track of what I'm doing and what I'm supposed to be doing. Getting my books reissued has been more of a challenge than I expected. I've done both edits of Clan Gunn: Gerek and one of Saratoga Summer: 1863. I now have Lost Son of Ireland in my hands and am doing the first edit.
I'm taking a Branding workshop from Earthly Charms website and an Erotica Writing Course from Writers Village University. Naturally, I'm behind in both.
I am revising my suspense novel, Vengeance Is Mine, with the hopes of sending it off to one of the big NYC publishers. I have the first chapter written for the second book, Clan Gunn: Baen, of the Scottish Heritage Series and am working on the characters--several new ones.
After reading this over, I guess it's not so bad being busy. It makes life worthwhile and it gives something to look foward to every single day.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Just keep going

I finally finished all the edits on my first books with the new company. Clan Gunn: Gerek is on its way to the publisher--all $7.05 of it. She should have it by Saturday. Then she gets it all ready for the printer and off it goes. Hopefully, I'll have it in my hands at the beginning of June.

I have just started the second in the series, Clan Gunn: Baen and that's why I haven't been active on the board. I have done the Alice Orr characterizations for Baen (added to them as well) and for the two antagonists-right from her book, No More Rejections. By the way, any author who doesn't have this book is missing something special. It's a dynamite, helpful book.

I have just recently figured out my heroine-protagonist and am doing the characterization of Vika Oliphant. As soon as I get her finished, I'll post again. Everything in the novel has changed since I added this new character, including the first paragraph, the first two pages and the entire first scene-which I've thrown out completely. Too much like the last book. And I hate to throw out whole scenes, but if they don't work anymore--out they go. Will be back soon.