Wednesday, March 30, 2005

right now, I'm inundated with work--after a hiatus of far too long. I've been working on the revising and reediting of my books. We've changed the Gunn title yet again. It's now, Clan Gunn: Gerek.
I'm also working on the edits for Saratoga Summer: 1863, the electronic edition, along with the print edition of Clan Gunn: Gerek. I just want to mention that it's a heavy workload, because I'm also working on the second book of the Scottish Heritage Series, Clan Gunn: Baen.
I hope to have a running commentary of what it means to be published and what it takes to be writing a new book. I had been working on two suspense novels. One is finished and the second just branched off into something entirely different. Never had that happen before. But, with the new publisher in the picture, some of the ideas have changed and I'm now back into one of my comfort zones--historical novels.
This weekend, I'm going to the RWA New England Conference for authors and am looking forward to it--even though I'm bringing work with me. See you all on Monday.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today's Announcement

My three out-of-print books have been picked up by the Cambridge Books Division of Write Words, Incorporated, whose present URL is Arline Chase, the publisher, has given me three new covers that really indicate what the books are about (I'm really excited about the way they look) and has changed the titles of two.

My Scottish The Gunn of Killearnan is now, The Gunns: Gerek and the first in my new Scottish Heritage Series. I've done some revising, reediting and it will be out shortly. I've already started on the second one: The Gunns: Baen.

Unlawful is now Lost Son of Ireland, and brings about the fact that the hero was stolen from Ireland, at the age of seven, and has returned. It's not part of a series but a stand-alone novel.

Saratoga Summer-1863 is now Book One of the new Saratoga Series about the five O'Malley brothers and is about Connor, the oldest. The new cover has a resort picture of Broadway in Saratoga, the horse and carriages and the famous Union Hotel of that day. I'm already three chapters into the next one about brother Bartley.

I've also had my website redone by Glass Slipper Designs and think the gal there did a wonderful job. Stop by and take a look at the new design and the new covers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Just changed the blog settings so anyone can comment. Love this font.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Celtic Musings

Since my Celtic novels went out-of-print, due to the close of a publishing company, I have recently accepted an offer from another publishing company, Write Words, Incorporated. Soon my new revised, reedited and reissued novels will be back on the playing field.