Sunday, February 24, 2008

My bad

I took a long time to get back to my blogs. Just didn't have the stuff to write. I did watch the Eukanuba and the Westminster Dog Shows and enjoyed every minute. I even watched the Eukanuba one over again yesterday. The English Setter came in second in the Sporting Dogs group and the Scottish Deerhound came in second in the Hound group. Watching it was fun, but it did keep me from writing.

I am making a pledge to myself. I am going to write every single day. I will find the time no matter what else I have to do. There will be no TV, no lying around, no reading--if the writing is not done. I am not saying how much I will write in a given day nor will I mention which novel I will be working on--unless I'm working on it. I have the suspense and the historical.

I spoke to my publisher today and she is waiting for both books. I just have to get a move on and stop feeling lazy and blocked. That's my wish for today and tomorrow as well.

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