Thursday, July 28, 2005

I've been bad!

I have been one lazy gal as far as this blog goes. I started it with all good intentions, then my life got more complicated. There I was, in the midst of revision hell. Three books to go through twice, once for the ebook version and once for the print version. I'm still working on the last book, Lost Son of Ireland, for print. In the meantime, two of my book have hit the sales rack and are doing pretty good. Clan Gunn: Gerek came out in June to surprisingly good reviews and sales. Saratoga Summer: 1863 arrives on the first of August, just in time for the thoroughbred races at--where else--SARATOGA. Last Tuesday, I met an artist/author friend for a quick lunch. Saratoga Summer had just come in the mail. I didn't even bother to open it being late for the lunch date. I tossed it on the table when I arrived at the Ole Bryan Inn and my friend grabbed it. She opened it and shrieked, "I love it. I love the cover. It's absolutely great. I'm going to read this book." She hasn't read the others you realize. She wound up buying me lunch as a birthday gift--yeah, I'm a year older--and I autographed the book and gave it to her. I left to go to a doctor's appointment--see what happens when grow older--and she tootled off to wherever. Little did I expect her to call that night and tell me how she had spent the rest of her day. The little darling went marching in to all the bookstores in Saratoga and pitched my book. I now have 40 of the 50 I ordered promised to several place and I have a book signing on the 20th of August. And I'm in absolute amazement that someone would do such a nice thing for me without my asking. So, no, I'm prepared to 'rock and roll' with selling my books.