Thursday, February 07, 2008

Irish Wolfhounds

I don't know what's making me think of Irish Wolfhound. Perhaps, it's the fact that I am using one in my Saratoga Winter 1865. I also used a Wolfhound in my book, Lost Son of Ireland. That dog was a bit different than the one (Zoah) I'm using in the new book.

In Lost Son of Ireland, the dog had been hurt and left by the side of the road by warriors of a different village. He didn't quite trust strangers until some fine Irish men spoke to him sweetly. Then he let them carry him to the village, where the heroine took care of him and helped to get him well. The Wolfhound showed them all much love as the gentle giant he was. I don't want to mention the ending because I would love to have readers read the book itself.

I love animals. Over the years, I have had a black Lab, two pure-bred Collies, an extraordinary mutt (Part chow as evidenced by the black tongue, part German-Shepherd as evidenced by his coloring and part Golden Retriever as evidenced by his body structure and his nature--he was also, the dog of my heart.) and now two English Setters.

Right now, my little girl, Abbey, has severe hip dysplasia and is on pain medication. The past two days, she seems like her old self, cute, adorable and frisky. Barney, the male, is a very serious, self-contained dog, not always sure of himself and he sure does want to please--except when it's time to come back inside and he doesn't want to. The vet put them on medication for arthritis, to be given once a day. Hopefully, they'll both feel lots better real soon.

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