Monday, February 11, 2008

The Westminster Dog Show

Tonight starts the biggest dog show in the US. There's the Croft Show in England that is bigger. When I watched the Eukanuba show last week, the Irish Wolfhound was in the top four dogs in the Hound group. It was so exciting to see him stand so proud.

I'm hoping the same dog gets to be in the final seven, which will be shown tomorrow night. Or course, I'll have to watch American Idol's Hollywood session first, but will switch to the dog show as soon as Idol is over. I tend to watch the Sporting dogs, of which I have two, the Herding group
and the Working group.

I find the shows riveting and love to see dogs stride out, so proud of themselves. They seem so gregarious and confident. The dog shows are good TV and worth watching, the ultimate realty show...

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