Sunday, June 15, 2008

Historical Facts of Scotland

Anniversaries of Scottish Historical Events
June 15 1567 - Mary Queen of Scots' last night in Edinburgh, at the house
of Sir Simon Preston, the Lord Provost, on the Royal Mile, prior to her
imprisonment at Loch Leven castle two days later.
June 16 1971 - Lord Reith, "father" of the BBC, died.
June 17 1390 - Wolf of Badenoch burns Elgin Cathedral.
June 17 1823 - Charles Macintosh patented the waterproof cloth he was using
to make raincoats.
June 18 1746 - Flora MacDonald met Prince Charles Edward Stuart and
persuaded him to wear women's clothes as part of the escape plan from the
Outer Hebrides to Skye.
June 19 1566 - Mary Queen of Scots gives birth to the future King James VI
of Scotland and I of England.
June 20 1969 - First announcement of the discovery of high-grade crude oil
in the North Sea.
June 21 1796 - Scottish explorer Mungo Park reached the source of the river
Niger in Africa.
June 22 1725 - Malt Riots, Glasgow - against higher taxes imposed on
Scottish malt.

June 23 1650 - Charles II sailed into the estuary of the river Spey and
signed the Covenant before going ashore. ****THIS IS THE ONE THAT INTERESTS ME THE MOST. iT MIGHT BE A FACTOR IN THE CLAN GUNN SEQUEL--that I owe to my publisher.

June 24 1314 - Robert the Bruce defeated Edward II at Battle of
June 25 1876 - Seven Scots, including John Stuart Forbes, were in the US
7th Cavalry with General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
June 26 1488 - James IV crowned king at the age of 15 at Scone. He reigned
until 1513 when he fell with the flower of Scotland's nobility at the
Battle of Flodden Field.
June 27 1583 - James VI (aged 8) escaped from Castle Ruthven.
June 28 1838 - Queen Victoria crowned at Westminster Abbey.

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