Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trying something different

Chances are you may find yourself celebrating the Irish holiday in your favorite bar, tavern or saloon. If you want to kick-start the party, try out these 20 questions of Irish trivia. Topics run the gamut from history to pop culture and test your knowledge of all things Irish. They can be used to set up spirited bar games and contests. You can form teams or let anyone shout out the answers. Have awards for the winners or make the losers buy a round for the house. Be as formal or as raucous as you want. The choice is yours on how to play. May the luck of the Irish be with you. You can even just do it by yourself as you cry in your green beer.


1. What are the names of the members of the Irish rock band U2?

2. What does "Erin go bragh" mean? (For extra credit: What language is it?)

3. What is the alternative title of the song "Danny Boy"?

4. What are the colors of the flag of Ireland?

5. What were the shapes of the marshmallow pieces in the original Lucky Charms cereal? (For extra credit: What does the leprechaun say as a sales pitch for the cereal?)

6. In the song "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," what can you hear in the lilt of Irish laughter?

7. Notre Dame derives from what language?

8. What is the name of the Irish priest depicted by Spencer Tracy in the 1938 classic movie "Boys Town"? (For extra credit: What is the Boys Town motto?)

9. Before baking Irish soda bread, why is a cross traditionally slashed in the top of the loaf?

10. What is the minimum number of years that Irish whiskey is aged?

11. What Irish singer tore up a picture of the Pope on live television?

12. In Irish folklore, what is the traditional profession of a leprechaun?

13. In the song "I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover," what does the fourth leaf represent?

14. In early television commercials for Irish Spring soap, a woman expresses her approval of the product by saying what phrase?

15. Movie idol Clark Gable was miscast in a 1936 movie portraying what Irish patriot?

16. What is the historical root definition of the word "whiskey"?

17. What type of meat goes into a traditional Irish stew?

18. What is the title of the final novel by Irish writer James Joyce which is known for its experimental language and free associations?

19. Where would you start looking for Irish moss?

20. What were the years of the Irish potato famine?

The answers will come tomorrow.................

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