Thursday, January 24, 2008


It's funny that a gal who like thing Celtic has two rescued English Setters. But I have a good reason. When we moved to this little village in the Hudson Valley, my husband and I had a mixed mutt (also a rescue) named Alex. Alex was part Chow, part German Shepherd and part Golden Retriever, but, more important, Alex was the dog of my heart. He was my special friend and I still miss him to this day.

We had to help him to the Rainbow Bridge eight days after we moved into the new house, a place on a bit of acreage that was to be for him. I held him until he took his final breath and something in me died with him.

I was devastated and went out the wrong door at the vet's. There was a huge dog in that section, waiting to get his infected ears cleaned. When I came out the door, he dragged his handler over and leaned against me, looking up and offering whatever solace he could. I didn't know what kind of dog he was and asked. When I found out he was an English Setter (I had no knowledge of such a dog.) I promised him, "If I ever get another dog, I will get one like you."

I have kept my promise. I now have two rescued English Setter. Barney, the male, is a tricolor, and Abbey, our little gal, is an orange belton. They are the sweetest dogs in the world and are still overcoming the bad parts of their lives. They have so much love to give. Barney is still somewhat apprehensive about things but he gets better and better every day.

I will have an Irish Wolfhound in my new historical, Saratoga Winter 1865.


Art and Shirley Watson said...

Hi, Dorice!
The blog looks good. I like the colors and the writer is pretty good, too!

Shirley (visiting from WVU)

shadowlight said...


Hmm....I tried to post here earlier and it ate my comment or something, LOL. Anyway, this is looking good, very professional. I am glad that you are up and running again and I will try to stop bey now and then to see what you're up to. :o) In the meantime, keep up the good work and I'll see you in Slingers.

marlicia (visiting from WVU-WS)

Dorice said...

Thanks to both of you for stopping by. I love to hear from you. Getting responses is the best fun--so thanks again.