Monday, May 09, 2005

Almost finished with Lost Son

I'm finally getting to the finish of editing Lost Son of Ireland. Once that is done, I start the heavy work of totally revising Vengeance Is Mine, the suspense. Next, the second book, which has it's first two scenes, in the Scottish Heritage Series will need to be completed, plus the second book in the Saratoga Series. I guess my summer's spelled out for me. I'll be one busy girl.

It's hard to concentrate right now. Today was the first warm spring-like day this month. The trees are beginning to leaf out, and the ones on the mountain (really a big hill) in back of our house are displaying that light Kelly green Celtic color. In fact, today, I wore a lightweight sweator that exact color. The trees are still light and wispy, delicately wafting in the slight breeze that is a constant in our yard. It's a color and movement that catches my eye. I like Spring, but it's really Autumn that turns me on with its rich rust and golden colors.

As you can see, it's hard to keep my mind on what I should be doing--editing.

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