Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today's Announcement

My three out-of-print books have been picked up by the Cambridge Books Division of Write Words, Incorporated, whose present URL is Arline Chase, the publisher, has given me three new covers that really indicate what the books are about (I'm really excited about the way they look) and has changed the titles of two.

My Scottish The Gunn of Killearnan is now, The Gunns: Gerek and the first in my new Scottish Heritage Series. I've done some revising, reediting and it will be out shortly. I've already started on the second one: The Gunns: Baen.

Unlawful is now Lost Son of Ireland, and brings about the fact that the hero was stolen from Ireland, at the age of seven, and has returned. It's not part of a series but a stand-alone novel.

Saratoga Summer-1863 is now Book One of the new Saratoga Series about the five O'Malley brothers and is about Connor, the oldest. The new cover has a resort picture of Broadway in Saratoga, the horse and carriages and the famous Union Hotel of that day. I'm already three chapters into the next one about brother Bartley.

I've also had my website redone by Glass Slipper Designs and think the gal there did a wonderful job. Stop by and take a look at the new design and the new covers.

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