Wednesday, March 30, 2005

right now, I'm inundated with work--after a hiatus of far too long. I've been working on the revising and reediting of my books. We've changed the Gunn title yet again. It's now, Clan Gunn: Gerek.
I'm also working on the edits for Saratoga Summer: 1863, the electronic edition, along with the print edition of Clan Gunn: Gerek. I just want to mention that it's a heavy workload, because I'm also working on the second book of the Scottish Heritage Series, Clan Gunn: Baen.
I hope to have a running commentary of what it means to be published and what it takes to be writing a new book. I had been working on two suspense novels. One is finished and the second just branched off into something entirely different. Never had that happen before. But, with the new publisher in the picture, some of the ideas have changed and I'm now back into one of my comfort zones--historical novels.
This weekend, I'm going to the RWA New England Conference for authors and am looking forward to it--even though I'm bringing work with me. See you all on Monday.

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Jerry Race said...

Hi D,

First ti'me I've read your blog. I like the way it looks.

Btw, congrats on the novels you've gotten published.

The women who helped with your editing & pitching did a wonderful thing. I like it when people do unexpected good things for others and want nothing in return. That shows they have a good heart.

Oh, I too have a blog at blog spot, but haven't kept up with it as much as you have yours.

Keep writing.

Now smile. Everybody has one, but don't always use 'em.

That's my saying and meant to be grammatically incorrect. EG

Ciao for now.