Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Possible Clan Gunn Book-the 3rd in the series

June 22nd marks the anniversary of the Battle of Bothwell Bridge in 1679. Royalist forces led by Graham of Claverhouse, the Duke of Monmouth and the Earl of Linlithgow defeated a force of Covenanters near the town of Hamilton. The Covenanters had gathered to debate their next move following their own victory at the Battle of Drumclog.

This is one of those historical facts that spurs me on to continuing my Scottish Heritage books. I need to write the sequel to CLAN GUNN: GEREK, but I don't want to skip 29 years for the next book. I'll have to figure out a way so that Baen's son, Drummond, can be a warrior in this skirmish. I love to use history as a starting point or reference in my novels.

I'll need to figure out how Baen, one of the villains in the above book, gets out of the hole he's gotten himself into. I want to redeem him............

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