Thursday, August 18, 2005

It seems I just can't write on this every single day. Things seem to get in the way. Now, I just want to tell you some of the things that are happening in this neck of the woods.

Both Clan Gunn: Gerek and Saratoga Summer: 1863 have arrived at our house. Both are the first books of individual series; the first, about the Gunn Clan of Scotland, which will be followed by redeeming the villain, and the second about another of the five O'Malley brothers, all horsemen. Both have been distributed throughout Saratoga, just in time for racing season.

In Saratoga Summer: 1863, the story weaves it way from a tragedy in Ireland and the loss in a family lottery to New York City during the beginning of the Civil War Draft riots there and on to Saratoga for the first legalized Thoroughbred Racing Racing Card ever. It's pretty much non-stop action and is being extremely well-received.

Lost Son of Ireland should be out at the end of September or in early October. The store, Celtic Treasures in Saratoga is anxiously waiting for that one.

In the meantime, I have two book signings set up. Craven Books in Saratoga is hosting a signing this coming Saturday, August 20th. It looks to be a fun one, since the track is open and one of the books I've written speaks to that. Battenkill Books in Cambridge, NY is hosting one on the evening of August 31st-for both my husband and me. They've just moved to a new location and think this will show their wares to customers in the area. Looking forward to both.

Once I finished the last edit on Lost Son, I'm starting on the second two books in my series. I will redeem Baen in the Gunn saga and drag Bartley O'Malley to Saratoga to join his brother Connor. I have a suspense in the works, but it looks like it'll have to wait, since the second series books have been promised.


kstar said...

Hey Dorice,
I recognized you from Natalie's class and thought I'd say hi.

I have a couple of blogs linked at rtb too and I also have trouble allocating time for blogging. I am trying though because I am a blog junkie and would love it if I could get in the swing with my own blogs.


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